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ITW n°87: Karine - Happy Too founder.-desktop ITW n°87: Karine - Happy Too founder.-mobile

ITW n°87: Karine - Happy Too founder.


today, the imaginative Karine, 43 years old, gives us her fight against breast K (BRCA1), after her 3 battles, Karine finished her treatments 10 years ago!

From this whole ordeal a great idea was born, from a fairly common observation: K isolates, and particularly in romantic relationships, to overcome this Karine specially thought of a specialized dating site, after Meetic, Tinder, Happn, Karine imagined Happy Too alone! "

I have had to fight cancer three times. I know how difficult it is to maintain a social life, to go out and meet new people during treatment.

However, the desire to love and be loved remains intact during illness.

Dating sites allowed me to find refuge for a while and regain confidence in myself. But my sensitivity did not find the echo I was looking for.

There are different dating sites, some with very specific selection criteria: sexual preferences, religions, income, etc.

But no dating site dedicated to people who have/have had cancer. Just discussion groups, forums.

Why, when this disease affects millions of people?

This observation gave us the desire to create this site, a community site: Together with cancer. "

To help Karine mature her project and quickly see the light of day, do not hesitate to submit your opinion by answering her questionnaire here!

Great discovery.

Let's get started:

Who are you ?

First name: Karine

Age: 43 years old

Profession: school teacher

You decided to create Happy Too , how did this great idea come about?

happytoo.fr : dating site dedicated to people affected by cancer.

Cancer isolates. Many people suffer from loneliness.

Couples have difficulty getting through the ordeal of the illness and many women and men find themselves alone.

I think, based on the statistics from my questionnaires, that the project meets a real need.

Are you alone in your association?

Yes for now !

What K did you get?

breast cancer (BRCA1)

What were your feelings when the announcement was made, how old were you?

28 years . I was overcome by fear.

What are the nugget phrases that someone said to you during K that could have been avoided?

a doctor: “I don’t know if you will recover, I’m not a medium!!”

Family reunited at the news of illness: in tears

Doctor: “I can’t stand psychodramas!!”

What did you do to take your mind off things during K ?

travel, tennis, golf

How was your life in the medical profession? Did you find the answers you were looking for, did you manage to understand everything?

Apart from the announcement of the illness, the medical staff was perfect!

What was your first feeling when you first met the treatments (chemotherapy/hospital)?

the ice helmet: the horror! But also a real laugh seeing myself in the mirror.

Did you get information on the internet?

IF YES: What would be the useful (internet) links that helped you to give you strength, and those to recommend to friends and family of K fighters?

I went to the forums, where I looked for medical information.

What were your beauty/well-being tips during the treatments to help you?

After 3 recurrences, I finished my treatments 10 years ago.

At the time, there weren't really any beauty sites like there are today.

I did massages, facial and body treatments…

Were you able to talk freely about it to your loved ones? Did you feel supported/supported/understood?

yes, I could talk freely about my illness, without taboo.

My ex-husband left during my 2nd recurrence: It was very difficult

What advice would you give to other loved ones to support a K fighter?

Communicate and share without going overboard!

What has this ordeal changed in your life (your vision of the world, of those around you, any disappointments? Any great discoveries despite everything?)

Life is short, let's make the most of it. But also, over time, take care of others because it is in these moments that we truly feel alive!

After such an experience / life test we understand that you wanted to give meaning and create your project, can you tell us more about Happy Too :

Happytoo.fr is currently being created. Its aim is to unite a community, to bring together people sharing the same concerns. Cancer must no longer isolate. Need to exchange, share? To go out and even seduce? With happytoo.fr , members will be able to share their experiences and meet new people. This site is intended for adults of legal age with no age limit. They will be able to communicate live (chat) or by messaging. Themed meetings (sporting, cultural, etc.) will be offered to encourage exchanges.

Where can we find your site?


What are your ideas for the future?

bring this project to fruition in the coming months.

Links to follow you:

on Facebook

contact Karine on: happytoo.rencontres@gmail.com

Free field (what would you like to add that is not in my questions):

In order to refine the creation of the site, I am continuing my investigation to find out the needs of future members through my online questionnaire on the site.

Be sure to respond!

The questionnaire here!


Thank you Karine, for this great testimony and this great initiative.

You can leave comments for Karine below.

If like her, you want to tell your story, your projects and share your tips, go here , send me your questionnaire and 1 photo of yourself so that I can draw you ;) to: interview@mister-k-fighting-kit.com

*Many of you send me your testimonies, thank you for your precious trust, for this same reason, the broadcasts of your interviews will sometimes be broadcast in several months, but know that I keep and transmit absolutely ALL the testimonies that are sent to me , Thank you for understanding.

Please note that I do not retouch any Interview, they are completely free, it is your freedom, your story, I just add my personal touch with the illustration, they are delivered as they were sent to me ;)