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ITW n°67: Cécile - K fighter.-desktop ITW n°67: Cécile - K fighter.-mobile

ITW n°67: Cécile - K fighter.


today Cécile, 45 years old, discreet, shy and inspired, creator of the swimsuit and fine lingerie brand Garance , tells us her story with sincerity, to testify to the strength that can emerge after the K du Sein ordeal , the impulse was born "at the edge of a swimming pool" following her accident in life, because nothing existed at the time to beautify women who had undergone mastectomies.

Now in remission, she has moved mountains since all this. Why is his testimony on a Friday...?Hmm... Summer surprise... that we have in store for you Monday at 12 p.m. on Facebook, keep your eyes wide open ;)

Great discovery.

Let's get started:

Who are you ?

First name: Cécile

Age: 45 years old

Profession: Social Entrepreneur serving women affected by Breast Cancer

You decided to create (GARANCE), how was this beautiful idea born?

At the edge of a swimming pool in the south of France in August 2010.

Around me, women from the south: beautiful, tanned, slender, and with long hair, which they twist to dry when they get out of the swimming pool.

And me, who no longer looks like me: despite a pretty scarf to cover my bare head, beautiful sunglasses to hide the look devoid of eyelashes and eyebrows, there is this swimsuit that I hate, that I find out of fashion and ugly… but which is suitable for wearing my external prosthesis.

This is THE last straw: I accept cancer, the treatment and its side effects. But not no longer recognizing myself in the mirror, because of clothing with a medicalized look, which is imposed on me because there are no other choices.

It was by this swimming pool, that summer, that I decided to create Garance. I wanted a brand of lingerie and swimwear that supports women on the path to rebuilding their identity. Collections in which they find themselves as women again.

Are you alone in your business?

No, we are 2 full-timers and 7 good fairies who help us freelance

If there are several of you, how have you distributed the tasks?

Marie and I are full-time. We take care of creating the collections with the stylists, finding the right suppliers, having them make our models, selling them on the internet, selling them to points of sale, talking about them on social networks, to prescribers... so many things!

Stella and Florian from Stella & Claudel are in charge of the collections and artistic direction.

Nicole creates the patterns of the models so that they fit perfectly. She supervises all fittings on women who have undergone surgery.

And on the communication side, Samantha is responsible for creating our communications materials, Nicolas takes care of the development of the website, SEO Manual and finally Corinne from the Press!

What K did you get?

Breast cancer.

What were your feelings when the announcement was made, how old were you?

39 years old – Disbelief (what is cancer?), Incomprehension (Why me? Did I do something wrong?), Fear (For me, and above all, especially for those close to me)

What are the nugget phrases that someone said to you during K that could have been avoided?

The two nuggets that I haven’t forgotten: “Another wig? Hello social security hole” and “But are you spending your life in the cinema at the moment or what? I thought you were on sick leave…”

What did you do to take your mind off things during K ?

I took care of my family, I went to the cinema a lot (!), I played sports and I prepared for Garance's birth!

How was your life in the medical profession? Did you find the answers you were looking for, did you manage to understand everything?

To be honest, I wasn't trying to understand or find a reason. I had a fairly fatalistic attitude and I completely trusted the medical profession. I chose the Gustave Roussy Institute, one of the reference centers in the Paris region, near my home... and then I focused all my energy on daily life, to protect my loved ones, to make sure I got through all this without their lives being too disrupted.

What was your first feeling when you first met the treatments (chemotherapy/hospital)?

It’s going to be very long and difficult this year…

Did you get information on the internet?

IF YES: What would be the useful (internet) links that helped you to give you strength, and those to recommend to relatives of K fighters?

Sorry, but I don't have any good addresses, I didn't look online. Rose Magazine didn't exist either. I chose to put myself in the hands of the doctors and trust them.

What were your beauty/well-being tips during the treatments to help you?

Pretty scarves, 3 wigs (one short, one mid-length and one long!), makeup to dress up your eyes.

Do sport again very quickly: gentle gymnastics, yoga and jogging. The winning hat-trick!

Where things were much more difficult was on the swimsuit side, the only ones that existed at the time and suitable for wearing a breast prosthesis did not please me at all! So, no photos of me by the pool during this entire period.

And as for lingerie, I remember hating the 2 unattractive bras (one black and one white) that served as post-operative bras.

Were you able to talk freely about it to your loved ones? Did you feel supported/supported/understood?

Totally supported. Thanks again to my dream team who surrounded me and protected me: my darling, my children, my parents, my brothers, and my dear friends who will recognize each other.

What advice would you give to other loved ones to support a K fighter?

Trust each other, listen, dare to talk, even if it means making mistakes. Always favor exchange rather than awkward silences.

What has this ordeal changed in your life (your vision of the world, of those around you, any disappointments? Any great discoveries despite everything?)

You only live once. Give yourself the means to make your dreams come true. Everything depends only on you!

After such an experience / life test we understand that you wanted to give meaning and create your project, can you tell us more about (GARANCE) ,:

Garance offers collections of fine lingerie and trendy swimwear.

They are both technical (because they are suitable for wearing external prostheses), trends and fashions (created in collaboration with Stella Cadente) and above all available in boutiques and "before" stores, and not only in orthopedics (to have the CHOICE to have fun wherever I want).

Where do you offer your products?

On our magnificent online store (here) , which reflects who we are, how we work, who supports us... in short, our universe.

I am very proud that Garance is also available at La Redoute and Galeries Lafayette .

And around sixty orthopedics/pharmacies and specialized stores also trust us in France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg… (full list here!)

What are your ideas for the future?

Continue to offer new swimwear collections every year.

Surprise throughout the year and throughout the seasons with feminine and fashionable lingerie models.

And continue to make myself happy by helping others!

Links to follow you (site / social networks):

The website here!





Many thanks Cécile for allowing us to discover you better.

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