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ITW n°18: Charlotte Support Team: my friend Mr.-desktop ITW n°18: Charlotte Support Team: my friend Mr.-mobile

ITW n°18: Charlotte Support Team: my friend Mr.


Today is a somewhat special interview, I interviewed those close to me, my support Dream Team, because they also have their say on the battle against Mister K. This post is dedicated to you, my support committee the most fervent, without whom the battle would not have been the same <3

You too, the “loved ones”, I know how helpless the battle can make you, but by speaking it would open the door to a better understanding, what do you think?

The key, talking about it without taboo with your K fighter, being present, listening “together we are so much stronger” <3

Let's get started:

Who are you ?

First name: Mathilde

How long have you known Charlotte?


What was your feeling/point of view as a loved one when the announcement was made?

Sadness obviously but also apprehension about the consequences of the illness.

Has this changed your view of your friend?


Do you think the illness has changed him?


What are the nugget phrases that we could have said to him or/and to you during the K and which could have been avoided? or that you yourself should have avoided ;)..?

All! It's almost impossible to say the right things in this type of situation.

Questions, fears, sentences that you would have liked to ask but that you did not dare to mention..?

I felt quite free to be able to ask questions either directly or to his parents or to the doctors.

What did you do to change his mind? Did you manage to find the right words and activities to change his mind?

Visits, discussions, press and above all trying to talk about other things.

As for finding the right words and activities, I can't say. Only the sick person seems legitimate to me to provide an assessment of the support received. The only thing I can say is that I/we did our best.

How was your life in the medical profession? Did you find the answers you were looking for, were you able to understand everything?

Yes, I found the speech clear. Furthermore, I am lucky to have parents in the medical profession who explained a certain number of things to me.

Has this same medical body been there for you too, to support you, answer all questions?

I didn't ask for anything so I can't assess it. On the other hand, I can affirm that the medical profession never asked me if I had any questions and that no offer of support to loved ones (other than family) was offered.

Did you accompany Charlotte to her appointments:

I didn't accompany him to specific appointments but I came to the hospital almost every day.

What was your first feeling when you first met the treatments (chemotherapy/hospital)?

The unknown.

How did you deal with Charlotte's many mood swings?

By not taking it personally and trying to show empathy.

Did you get information on the internet?


What were your good plans to take your mind off things, get some fresh air, and recharge your batteries?

No particular plan. Getting together with other loved ones or going home and trying to move on

Among friends of Charlotte, did you talk about it to give each other advice and strength?


What did you tell yourself to go the distance / what did you do?

I've never asked myself this kind of question. I lived the situation day by day. Furthermore, working still allows you to have time spaces without thinking about it.

Did you talk about it outside your circle to find resources?

Were you able to talk freely about it to your loved ones? Did you feel supported/supported/understood?


What do you think you did wrong, or said? What reaction do you regret?

Everything and nothing at the same time.

What advice would you give to other loved ones to arm themselves with courage?

None, everyone experiences the situation in relation to their personality and their education.

What has this ordeal changed in your life (your vision of the world, of those around you, any disappointments? Any great discoveries despite everything?)

Together we are stronger!

Did you know what to offer Charlotte as comfort, did you bring her “gifts” sometimes to support her?

newspapers, cigarettes ;) :)


Thank you M. for taking the time to respond, and above all for existing in my life, I am very lucky that our paths crossed <3

If you are a relative and you also wish to testify, contact me at: contact@mister-k-fighting-kit.com, specifying in SUBJECT: "Close interview" I will send you a questionnaire :).

Have a nice day everyone


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