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ITW n°114: Cécile - close to k fighter.

CCoommmmeennççoonnss:: Who are you ? First name: CECILE Age: 35 years old Profession: currently undergoing professional retraining Where do you live: Bordeaux Why do you agree to share your story today? Because cancer has entered my life and reading all these beautiful testimonies I wanted to share my story What are your qualities in a few words? Kindness / generosity / altruistic / Funny What are your passions ? African dance that allows me to escape, And my passion above all is people, human beings with their flaws, their strengths What connection unites you with Dominique? My mother Can you summarize your story for us? Announcement September 7, 2016 = tsunami My mother rings at my house she leaves the appointment with the surgeon.... Breast cancer operation on the 12th biopsy See you on the 28th for the final diagnosis What K did she get? Stage 3 hormone-dependent breast cancer QQuueellss ttrraaiitteemmeennttss aa--tt--iill eeuu?? chemo: if you know: name of cocktails Answer Two different chemotherapy 6 sessions in total every 3 weeks She's having her 3rd in 3 days radiotherapy: if you know: Answer : Yes she will have radiotherapy for a month and a half operation if you know: Answer : Yes operation on September 12 left breast + lymph node chain other: Answer : QQuueell aa eettéé ttoonn rreesssseennttii // ppooiinntt ddee vvuuee eenn ttaanntt qquuee pprroocchhee lloorrss ddee ll''aannnnoonnccee ?? Answer : I attended the appointment with the surgeon who told us the final diagnosis It was "more serious" than what we had been told during the operation, the tumor was bigger... But "I'm not putting you in a coffin" he said with humor and quite a distance. surprising..... QQuueelllleess ssoonntt lleess pphhrraasseess ““ppéeppiitteess”” // ppiieeddss ddaannss llee ppllaatt qquu''oonn aa ppuu lluuii ddiirree oouu // eett ttee ddiirree ppeennddaanntt llee KK eett qquuii aauurraaiieenntt ppuu eettrree é evviitted?? oouu qquuee ttuu aauurraaiiss dduu ttooii mêêmmee éévviitteerr ;;)) ....?? Answer : The redundancy of people who say that breast cancer is the best treated cancer that more people die from it Almost a lightness in these words While we're just experiencing a tsunami A friend who tells me it might just be a tumor that will go away Another “but CECILE hair grows back” While my mother is a flirtatious, feminine woman.... And for whom hair loss is painful... Since we are right in it A relative who minimizes my mother's fatigue and dares to tell her that her elbow pain is really debilitating?!?!?!?!? A relative who minimizes my mother's fatigue and dares to tell her that her elbow pain is really debilitating?!?!?!?!? Your questions, your fears, lleess pphhrraasseess qquuee ttuu aauurraaiiss aaiimmeerrppoosseerr mmaaiiss qquuee ttuu nn'aass ppaass oosséé éévvooqquueerr....?? Answer : I refused to go on the internet. I went there one evening and it bothered me all night. So I chose to attend all the medical appointments surgeon oncologist nurses chemo session in short I don't want to miss anything the truth comes from the professionals and that's all! QQuuee ffaaiiss ttuu ppoouurr cchhaannggeerr lleess iiddeeeess ddee ………… ,, aarrrriivvaaiiss ttuu àà ttrroouuvveerr lleess mmoottss jjuusstteess,, ddeess aaccttiivviittééss ppoouurr lluuii cchhaannggeerr lleess iiddeeeess ?? Answer : So, being a positive person, I am one of those people who see the glass half full rather than half empty; I want to make my mom's life as light and joyful as possible possible during insomnia before the first chemo, my creative ideas got underway, and the next day I created a forward calendar made up of 6 wooden drawers that I customized The idea being that after each chemo (you have to deserve even the gifts!!!) she opens her little drawer I sent an SMS email to all family friends asking them to write messages of encouragement, hopes, poems, songs that I slipped into the drawers And I give him little gifts like your boxes which were the first gifts in the first drawer she opened two and each time she opened the little words made her cry :-/ In addition, we have set up kine massage Reflexology sessions As soon as she's on her feet, we're going shopping, we're going to see people having tea with friends, we're going for a walk in the Bordeaux basin, we're 3/4 hours from the sea!!! Not working, I am 100% available I give her a manicure and pedicure every other day to prevent her nails from falling off, it's our time and it also makes her feel feminine. CCoommmmeenntt ss''eesstt ppaasssseee ttaa vviiee ddaannss llee ccoorrppss mmeeddiiccaall ?? TTrroouuvvaaiiss ttuu lleess rréeppoonnsseess qquuee ttuu aatttteennddaaiiss,, aarrrriivvaaiiss ttuu àà ttoouutt ccoompprreennddrree ?? Answer : Yes overall, I understood everything During the appointment with the oncologist I didn't quite understand a term and she drew me a drawing!!!! It was much clearer!!! EEsstt ccee qquuee ccee mmeemmee ccoorrppss mmeeddiiccaall aa etéé pprreesseenntt ppoouurr ttooii aauussssii ,, ppoouurr ttee ssoouutteenniirr,, rréeppoonnddrree toto ttoouutteess tteess qquueessttiioonnss ?? Answer : No AAccccoomppaaggnnaaiiss ttuu …………....,, àà:: - sseess rrddvv ddee mmééddeecciinnss ?? OOuuii àà cchhaaqquuee rrddvv - sseess cchhiimmiiooss oouuii àà cchhaaqquuee cchhiimmiioo - aauuttrreess ?? QQuueell aa eettéé ttoonn pprreemmiieerr ffeeeelliinngg lloorrss ddee ttaa pprreemmiièèèrree rreennccoonnttrree aavveecc lleess ttrraaiitteemmeennttss ((cchhiimmiiooss // hhoossttoo )) ?? Answer : Mom is followed in a clinic The space where she does her chemo treatments Is quite pleasant, not at all gloomy or anxiety-inducing CCoommmmeenntt ggeerraaiiss ttuu lleess ssaauutteess dd'hhuummeeuurr ddee ………….... ?? Answer : So I try not to pay attention to it because above all she is the sick one, she is the one who is suffering and I tell myself that she has all the rights TTee rreennsseeiiggnnaaiiss ttuu ssuurr iinntteerrnneett ?? Answer : No never SSII OOUUII :: QQuueellss sseerraaiieenntt lleess lliieennss ((iinntteerrnneett)) uuttiilleess qquuii tt''oonntt aaiiddee ppoouurr ttee ddoonnnneerr ddee llaa ffoorrccee,, eett cceeuuxx àà ccoonnsseeiilllleerr àà ddeess pprro occhheess ddee KK fifigghhtteeuurrss oouu àà ddeess KK fifigghhtteerrss ?? Answer : QQuueellss eettaaiieenntt tteess bboonnss ppllaannss ppoouurr ttee cchhaannggeerr lleess iiddeeeess,, tt'' aaéerreerr,, rreebboooosstteerr tteess bbaatttteerriieess ?? QQuueelllleess ssoonntt tteess mmeeiilllleeuurreess rreessssoouurrcceess ?? Answer : My friends without a doubt I have friends in Paris and I go there quite "regularly". It's the only way I've found to put my mind to rest if I stay in Bordeaux on the weekend I'm definitely tempted to spend the days with my mother while she has my father on wd! QQuuee ttee ddiissaaiiss ttuu ppoouurr tteenniirr llaa ddiissttaanccee // qquuee ffaaiissaaiiss ttuu ?? Answer : I'm trying to distance myself, I have to think about myself Because I am also going through a difficult period in my life and I must not forget myself So I try to get out of dinner at the restaurant and dance! AArrrriivvaaiiss ttuu aa aavvooiirr uunnee vviiee ““PPrreessqquuee”” nnoorrmmaallee ,, vvooiirr tteess aammiiss // tteess pprroocchheess ?? Answer : I try and I force myself And my friends remind me enough: protect myself and think of me too DDaannss ttoonn qquuoottiiddiieenn,, aarrrriivvaaiiss ttuu àà tt''eexxttrraaiirree ddee llaa ““mmaallaaddiiee”” ppoouurr aavvaanncceerr && êêttrree pprroodduuccttiiff ?? Answer : It's a struggle... AArrrriivvaaiiss ttuu àà eenn ppaarrlleerr lliibbrreemmeenntt àà tteess pprroocchheess ?? TTee sseennttaaiiss ttuu ssoouutteennuuee// ééppaauulléé // ccoommppprriissee?? Did you feel supported/eeppaauulléé // ccommmpprriissee?? Answer : Yes I verbalize and talk about the illness easily We also talk about it very easily with my mother. She verbalizes her anxieties, her fears With my brother we try to play down some of his anxieties This period is also conducive to “cleaning up” your friendly life!!! QQuuee ppeennsseess ttuu aavvooiirr mmaall ffaaiitt ,, orouu ddiitt ?? QQuueellllee rreeaaccttiioonn rreeggrreetttteess ttuu ?? Answer : Nothing QQuueellss ccoonnsseeiillss ddoonnnneerraaiiss ttuu to d'aauuttrreess pprroocchheess ppoouurr ss'aarrmmeerr ddee ffoorrccee ?? Answer : To listen and be present for the sick person But above all, think about yourself by allowing yourself moments of lightness, moments for yourself, whether it comes through sport, friends, a passion, but don't stop living even if there is a before one during and one after...... QQuueelllleess aassttuucceess eenn lliieenn ddiirreecctt aavveecc llee KK aass ttuu eennvviiee ddee ppaarrttaaggeerr ?? EExxeemmpplleess//eexxppeerriieenncceess vvééccuueess:: 1/ chemo: Answer: do the sick person's nails, bring a Thermos of coffee and some cupcakes!!!! Time passes faster and it makes nurses and other sick people laugh ! 2/ hospital: Answer : 3/ “parallel” medicine Answer : Reflexology before chemo or after Massages It allows the person to reconnect with their suffering body and clear their mind. 4/ Daily Answer : TTaa lliissttee dd'iinnddiissppeennssaaabblleess ppoouurr ll'aaccccoommppaaggnneemmeenntt àà ll''hhooppiittaall oouu eenn cchhiimmiioo:: Answer : The range of hand kits!! Cream oil varnish Moment of gentle calm guaranteed It allows the sick person to relax during their chemo and to distract them from what they are experiencing at the moment. QQuueelllleess aassttuucceess pprraattiiccoo--pprraattiiqquueess ppeeuuxx ttuu nnoouuss ccoonnsseeiilllleerr ,, ddee ssoonn qquuoottiiddiieenn eett dduu ttiieenn ?? QQuueelllleess aassttuucceess pprraattiiccoo--pprraattiiqquueess ppeeuuxx ttuu nnoouuss ccoonnsseeiilllleerr ,, ddee ssoonn qquuoottiiddiieenn eett dduu ttiieenn ?? 1/ beauty: Answer : Focus on the complexion Powder foundation And a real lipstick 2/ look: Answer : My mother being a flirtatious woman, she kept her femininity and her coquetry when she went out. Still with her wig 3/ daily Answer : Do a little stretching To drink a lot of water Try to walk 4/ food (do you prepare good dishes for him) Answer : Yes at the beginning I prepared good meals but as she quickly gets back on track after her chemo and she loves to cook I let her do it She favors homemade and organic products. Every morning she drinks a glass of pomegranate juice Every day she drinks 2L of water with lemon juice SSaavvaaiiss ttuu qquuooii ooffffrriirr // aappppoorrtteerr àà …….. ,, ppoouurr lluuii aappppoorrtteerr ttoonn ssoouuttiieenn,, eett ttee sseennttiirr uuttiillee ?? Answer : She gets presents every 3 weeks after her chemo! I often send her text messages or tell her that she looks beautiful with her headbands and her wig because that's what undermines her. I write to him that I love him with all my heart EEsstt ccee qquuee llaa gguueerrrree dduu KK aa cchhaannggee ttaa vviissiioonn ddee ((PPrréénnoomm)) ?? Answer: No! I knew my mother was a strong, courageous woman, cancer only revealed that QQuu''eesstt ccee qquuee llee KK aa cchhaannggéé ddaannss ttaa vviiee ……?? ((ppaarr eexxeemmppllee:: ttaa vviissiioonn dduu mmoonnddee,, ddeess pprriioorriittééss,, ddee tteess eesssseennttiieellss,, rreecceennttrreerr ttoonn eennttoouurraaggee,, ddaannss ttoonn ttrraavvaaiill,, ttaa pphhiilloossoopphhi iee,, ddeess ddeecceeppttiioonnss ?? ddee bbeelllleess ddéeccoouuvveerrtteess mmaallggrréé toouutt ??)) Answer: I no longer worry about trivialities I cleaned up my friends and it's in these moments that we see real friends, those who have the time to see you! Disappointed yes with some people.... I can digest it! But I have more serious to manage so it passes! Live the present moment more than ever: That's my life philosophy for life! Health is definitely the most precious thing we have And family and love are values ​​to which I am even more attached CChhaammppss lliibbrree ;;)) rraaccoonnttee nnoouuss ccee qquuee ttuu ssoouuhhaaiitteess ((qquuii nnee ssee ttrroouuvveerraaiitt ppeeuutt eettrree ppaass ddaannss mmeess qquueessttiioonnss)) :: Answer: Everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger Together we are stronger