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Fly away - around the world...

Today I'm not coming to talk to you about Jimi or Albert, or even Miles (but they are still waiting for you!) I'm coming to talk to you about the big dreams we have and the means we must give ourselves to achieve them, about women who are always more inspiring and literary favorites.
“Make the dream devour your life so that life does not devour your dream” Antoine de Saint-Exupery
This is the question that some people have already asked themselves a thousand times. Fly away, very far, for more or less time, put your daily life on hold and go around the world. We dreamed of it when we were young, students, with little money in our pockets and perhaps less confidence in ourselves. And then we stopped ourselves from thinking about it again, assuming that it wasn't compatible with our adult life... But we must admit that this scares us a little. Because going around the world is as exciting as it is terrifying! One thing is certain - and those who have been there will confirm it - is that there is no right time. We will always find an excuse, certainly a valid one, for not getting started. It's a bit like starting a business, starting a family, going back to school... We make a world out of it, we tell ourselves that the moment is not right, that it's risky and then often, we regret not having started earlier. Obviously, financing is a subject that will have to be looked at closely. Just like the future of our job, even if these projects are more than valued by companies who love atypical profiles and are rather inclined to grant sabbatical leave to allow us to live this experience. But if we think about it, we realize that all this is not insurmountable.
We must believe in our ability to face a few obstacles to finally achieve the project that we barely dared to dream of until recently.
Once our decision has been made, we still have to convince those we would like to surround ourselves with for this trip. (So ​​tempted that we want to go accompanied!) Friend, husband and even children, everything is possible with a little organization. And besides, nothing obliges us to travel around the world strictly speaking. This would be very time consuming and definitely expensive. Settling on a continent or two is already fantastic. We define a route and only take the main long haul routes. Thus, we allow ourselves a certain flexibility and freedom on site if we are passionate about a country or, conversely, another oppresses us... In 20 years, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did. So, cast off. Set sail. Explore. Dream. Find out. ” Mark Twain So yes of course, if we wanted to do things even bigger, we could leave with the motivation of a humanitarian cause or through an association for the preservation of the planet...there are so many to do and that would be to our credit. But we also have the right to make this journey of a lifetime out of pure selfishness. This decision is important enough that we do as we feel, without judgment. The discoveries, experiences, people, cultures that we will encounter during this journey will already bring us a lot in our personal development and in our way of seeing life after that. We will have plenty of time to make things happen and get involved when we return.

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