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See you on August 21 - The impossible is my hope.-desktop See you on August 21 - The impossible is my hope.-mobile

See you on August 21 - The impossible is my hope.

“Because you are alive, anything is possible.” Thích Nhãt Hạnh

I'm pre-ordering it in preview on Fnac,here ! You prefer Amazon, it's this way . The impossible is my hope is the cry of an ardent heart, which refused to abdicate in the face of illness and injustice... “The impossible” means definitive infertility, the consequence of an ordeal which has lasted 20 months, also called cancer, which appears implicitly under its clinical code name “K”. Instead of giving up her arms, the author felt the visceral need to transform the impossible into hope, by any means. By leaving the shores of illness, Charlotte gets back up and reveals herself to be an activist for life and the quest for meaning in everything she does. “Instapreneur”, speaker, creator of a start-up and a committed wardrobe – named Mister k., it’s no coincidence (she doesn’t believe in it, anyway) – the author, incapable to believe in fate, gives us the unvarnished story of a human adventure which will inspire those who believe in the ethics of action, without ever giving up in the face of the blows of fate, whatever they may be.

Released in bookstores on August 21.