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Reflection - my body, your body, our bodies.-desktop Reflection - my body, your body, our bodies.-mobile

Reflection - my body, your body, our bodies.

(taken from our Instagram post of July 27) For several weeks I have seen you react on #lacabinedemisterk with as much kindness as ever and I often read this comment: “finally real women represented” when talking about our ambassadors who wear size 42, that moves me as much as it makes me think.. Obviously very happy that our cabin format resonates with each of you, but the term “real women” tickled my HSP brain. Whether you're skinny, slim, plump, scarred, fat, with breasts the size of my little finger (I'm talking about mine ahah), or on the contrary a chest that would make all the Tex Avery wolves' eyes pop out 👀 , being a woman is not just about accepting your complexes, being a woman is a status, being beautiful is an attitude, loving yourself is a long journey. In fact, my free-wheeling and unfiltered brain struggles to understand this term “real woman” which carries all the ambivalences. Astrid would not be a “real woman” since her body is perfect! Agathe and I, ditto, since we claim unusual singularities of "real women", respectively, 1 m 55 1/2 size 34, for Agathe, and grasshopper legs, small breasts and large teeth, in terms of concerns me . We might as well admit that “true” would be opposed to “false”, absurd! So, I would rather suggest AUTHENTIC ones and... the others. Raphaele / Agathe / Astrid / you/me, are all unique, each with our strengths and our complexes, but all of them, women! The meaning and weight of words are so crucial, as much as our obsession on the scale ;) Morality: everyone must find their legitimate and beautiful place. The real struggle is no longer to ask the question in terms of an ideal standard or an injunction to be “true”! Beyond the right to be different... the right to indifference... Let's guard against hasty judgments, prejudices and stereotypes... you never know what a bulge, a thin line or even a scar hides. Welcome, it’s me, it’s you, it’s us, without pretense or artifice! Real life! “be yourself, everyone the others are already taken » ✏️ @charlotte_husson