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Low price?

At our place we don't have sales, I think you understood that... EXCEPT we had planned lots of things to meet you and covid has (re)arrived, or rather never left (4 pop up sweet).

There are now more than 50,000 of you who support us, perhaps love us as we are and share our convictions.

I almost find it hard to believe it. And then this damn virus and its sneaky variants insist and ruin our lives, but we will never give up, not because we are of heroic courage, but simply because a small voice whispers to us that life is something else than a moment of irresponsible ecstasy in the face of Russian roulette.
Here we are gathered today to celebrate more than 50,000 generous souls who supported our project in 2020, despite the various confinements and their procession of frustration and anguish.

Mister k. has held up in this sad year, our model has been refined, our vision affirmed, while juggling our margins and working capital needs, teleworking and distancing of all kinds.
So here's what we decided to do.

4 days of low, very low prices, made for you!

This is what awaits you from tomorrow until Sunday midnight. An offer as special as it is unique to us, exceptional conditions, exceptional measures, to celebrate these 50K before finally being able to meet you again (in real life, but yes it will happen) and make you forget the rest, we said to ourselves that it It was time to spoil yourself.

You know, we produce just what is necessary, and above all as necessary so as not to further deplete our sufficiently tested planet. Our prices are fair all year round, they are never artificially inflated. We will never give in to ease or cynicism, it's the same, generous margins generated by low-cost and disposable mass production from countries too far away, a matter of principle. The excellent craftsmanship on our doorstep has a soul and so much know-how. Tomorrow's articles are the orphans due to bad luck in 2020.

As the health circumstances still deprive us of the immense joy of meeting you in a temporary store or a pop-up like “before” (we have had to cancel 4 meetings for 1 year already, and close our Parisian showroom), so we have selected on the section a panoply of old collections, ALL these “orphan” items will be on sale online at even SWEET PRICE than sweet, to spoil you for 4 days (only), after that the thread of our adventures without sales will resume like all days of the year, with next reservations at the end of the month and second chances from last season still obviously available online. For the occasion, we will classify this “LOW PRICE” selection by size to help you see more clearly.

In return, you will understand that once ordered, the product will no longer be taken back or exchanged, to remain aligned with our convictions not to stockpile. This assumes that you have had a chance to carefully select your purchase in advance, knowing its size and quality. For that,

Audrey and her team will be attentive to your needs, more than ever, by email, telephone, PM and online chat as always.

This finally involves accepting that the first person to order will be first served tomorrow.
We sincerely hope that you will like this selection, and will allow all those who have never been able to enjoy themselves with us to remedy the situation.

You will see, the truly beautiful, well made, we never get tired of it!

Take care of yourself always.


Reminder of the conditions of this exceptional operation at Mister K:

- delivery within a few working days
- first come, first served over 4 days only! Sunday at midnight it will be over
- no exchanges or returns: to remain aligned with our zero stock / zero waste mission
- sell off these “orphaned” mini stocks to get a new look for the rest of the adventures which will be even more beautiful.

💌☎️ Audrey and her great team will be there to answer all your questions, and guide you every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on:
💌 : bonjour@misterk.fr
☎️ : 07 85 97 31 34
💬 : online chat
📱 : + in PM of course