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Happy Holidays !

“It's Christmas, it's high time to light the stars again” ... this poetic line from Apollinaire rings so true at the end of 2020. The time has come for all that is the salt of our lives - love, friendship, sweetness of life - imposes itself on everything that has put us to the test... Our united and united hearts remain impregnable fortress and Christmas is this sweet moment which opens hearts at the same time as we open our gifts.
Christmas is not just the Christian celebration of the Nativity. Before being Christian, it was pagan to celebrate the winter solstice, the end of darkness and the rebirth of the sun for all.
That's right, the light will return to our lives and we will all celebrate this moment in good humor, in our beautiful clothes of light. We know deep down that we must not indulge in unbridled embraces, but no matter, the sincerity of our looks which will sparkle with happiness like the champagne in our flutes will play against all the distances imposed by circumstances.
All in all, the sense of each other with love and friendship is the special gift that we should give first this Christmas. All other gifts will be even more beautiful.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you the sweetest and happiest of Christmases, with and for those you love.