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🎅🏻🏁 Oh oh oh! The Christmas Jingle Bells will jingle in December, like an enchanted parenthesis after so much languor and depression. This second confinement could have undermined us further, we will do everything to ensure that this does not happen. Now is the time for good resolutions. We will not relax, we will take care of ourselves as well as others, we will enjoy life as it is, so precious, full of as much uncertainty as of mad hope.

Here has also come the time for beautiful gifts. For the occasion, we will wear beautiful outfits.

We have well deserved to see in the eyes of those we love, sparkle with happiness as much as we will sparkle on Christmas Eve and December 31st. All in all, true (affordable) luxury that lasts is something within our reach.

Take care of yourself more than ever!