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#3 Charlotte - Happiness Therapist -desktop #3 Charlotte - Happiness Therapist -mobile

#3 Charlotte - Happiness Therapist

Charlotte, 34 years old
DA and founder of Mister k.
Mistress of Michka (an adorable slobbering and affectionate golden)

“There are battles that we do not choose to fight. Not leading them would be the worst defeat, a moral defeat without having fought. Tomorrow will be a new day, a day to do differently if necessary, and to live, to live...."
— Charlotte Husson —

Your Instagram accounts to follow:
I still need humor so much at the moment, I love the account of@lescaracteres , Lison changes face, personalities in each video, all these “masks” take clichés of characters, a very fair, subtle and enjoyable treat. quirky, I love it!
Still in the same vein (essential) for a laugh, the @creustel account which dubs passages from films in the hilarious “coronavirus” version!
Your current escape favorites:
@fabrice_luchini_officiel is finally on Instagram, no need to draw a picture, just follow it to enjoy it
The museums of Paris suggest visiting them from your sofa, convinced that after health/caregivers, it is culture that will save this brutal world, go for it !
1 video to watch:
The sublime interview with Edgar Morin by Frédéric Taddeï, this 98-year-old sociologist, mediologist and philosopher, has lived it all, he tells his story, his resilience and his faith in humanity despite everything, a great example of resilience to follow.
Your confinement activities:
My latest cookie recipe discovered thanks to @Fringeandfrange , a super quick delight to prepare, as much as to taste
This week I plan to try @missmagieskichen 's Sunday recipes that make you dream.
The great initiative:
The cover of “He changed life” by Jean Jacques Goldman, readapted in support of caregivers and all trades forced to work at the moment, very moving… Discover the song here .
The perfect selection:
@quarantine_live which references all the best lockdown lives, since you will have noticed Instagram is teeming with lives of all kinds, from the best to the worst ;)

For the best follow ours (on @misterk ) or those of Charlotte (on @charlotte_husson ), here is the program:

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#stay at home
Astrid and I have decided to donate 5% on each sale of our cloakroom committed to the APHP Coronavirus covid19 emergency fund, these donations will take into account all sales made since March 1st (therefore including those of your purchases at Pop Up). This emergency fund has just been created within the AP-HP Foundation to quickly unlock additional resources to support hospital staff and advance research. To learn more, it's here !