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Undertaking - the truth. -desktop Undertaking - the truth. -mobile

Undertaking - the truth.

“The only way to do a good job is to love what you do. »
-Steve Jobs.

Demanding transparency is good, but highlighting reality is even better.

In this era where everyone can undertake, thinking that everyone must undertake would be discriminatory... I think that achieving oneself is fairer because not everyone has the vocation of becoming Steve Jobs of tomorrow - and it's not an unsurpassable horizon - I think we just want to find the path that suits us.

"... to be good, to be good, to be yourself, to be nothing but not just anything, a shred of a chapka..."
- Useful, Julien Clerc

I will tell you about my choice which I love more than anything but perhaps I would have been passionate about traveling around the world, I would also have done it with the same commitment.
Entrepreneurship is above all a character trait:

  • like to put yourself at constant risk (not everyone likes that and that's respectable). Undertaking is exhausting, you have to have a bit of gentle madness.
  • constantly questioning yourself, accepting failure in order to bounce back better and that's very tiring!
  • knowing how to be humble and not get bogged down in ego, or become a diva.
One day a friend said to me: "after the Cancer tsunami you are embarking on a new exhausting torment", yes I am made like that I like challenges, the fear of heights perhaps?

To undertake is to become one with your project, a projection no doubt so as not to think too much about what hurts.

To undertake is to be passionate, but it is also to be excessive, monomaniacal, to only think about that, to think about it day and night, in other words to be annoying to those around you.

The stress of money too, since Kiss Kiss Bank Bank we are self-financed, it's a great pride but it's very frustrating. If our means were greater we would go so much further, so be patient.

And then... at the end of the day, look at your trace and say to yourself:

There will be at least one person who will have breathed the same air as us, finding a bit of happiness wearing our clothes and accessories. This feeling, even fleeting, is worth all the returns on investment.

This in a few words is why I dared. And you, what would your risk be?