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Discover - Iceland and Scotland...

Two weeks ago we were already talking to you about escaping, taking the plunge and going around the world. But we know that this is not a decision we take lightly! So we said to ourselves that while we waited to tackle it, we still had the right to dream. To dream again and again of travel, of strangers, of exploration, of wandering and above all, of wide open spaces. Because landscapes and nature are synonymous with beautiful trips, adventures and freedom. Isn't it exhilarating to see plains and greenery stretching out in front of you as far as the eye can see? So we look, without going too far, where to find this mix of space and exoticism to discover something other than our beloved France. And we first think of Iceland .
“Life is not breathing, it is gasping for air” Alfred Hitchcock .
This small island country, meeting point of all the most incredible natural phenomena…. Waterfalls and cascades, each more impressive than the last , drifting icebergs, 30m high geysers, turquoise blue lagoons in the middle of lava fields, gigantic glaciers whose melting frightens us, still active volcanoes with unpronounceable names, black sand beach, and for the lucky ones, aurora borealis , these luminous green beams that cross the sky….We are out of breath and amazed just thinking about it! We jump in our car, turn on the radio and venture out for hours of driving. Route 1 becomes our best friend. As it goes around the island, we travel up and down it and sometimes we turn off to the right or left to explore what is happening there. In winter, we take advantage of the few hours of daylight that the sun grants us and large white expanses open up before us as we progress. In summer, green has replaced white and we look for a little bit of darkness to get some shut-eye. Sometimes we see a little cabin appear in the middle of nowhere and we dream for a few moments of settling there. We probably don't go there for its gastronomy but that doesn't matter to us. The breathtaking landscapes make us forget everything. But this feeling of freedom which invades us when we walk, alone in the world , in the middle of this breathtaking nature, we do not feel it only here. Scotland makes the same impression on us .
The landscapes are there, the wide open spaces too - and we weigh our words.
The car is still our ally in happily enjoying everything that surrounds us. The rugged hills and mountains are interspersed with valleys in which the lochs, those famous Scottish lakes and the legends that surround them, are formed. We enter a birch forest from which we only emerge after having admired their scale. We travel the small roads of the Highlands, passing the ruins and castles that make up their history, when finally, arriving at the top of a mountain, we are left speechless in front of this orange-green panorama. A bird's eye view of the hills covered in ferns, a loch and dozens of archipelagos in the distance…. We can feel tiny in front of these settings, whether polar or green. But they can also give us a lot of strength, give us the impression that nothing is holding us back, that there are no barriers and that we are free to go wherever we want in their countries. This is what these trips inspire us.
And to immerse you too in the immensity of Iceland and Scotland and get the start of your future vacation, we have selected some lovely addresses for you:
  • Knockderry House Hotel An old manor house on the edge of Lake Lomond
  • The Mustard Seed A converted old church in Inverness with views across the River Ness
  • Take The Jacobite to travel the highlands from Fort William to Mallaig on an old steam train.

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