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The Cowboy Boots

These boots are made for walkin', And that's just what they'll do, One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you , one day these boots are going to walk on you.” )

Nancy Sinatra, 1966

In our Iconic family, we were missing THE authentic shoe.


The Santiag is coming to us on Thursday for you

So there you have it, for us that’s it. The cowboy boot as iconic, as the centerpiece of a complete outfit. The masculine and infinitely feminine touch when combined with the right mix and, above all, our desire for freedom. The strength of this shoe and I am convinced of it, lies in the heritage it carries which I will tell you about below!

It was all about creating the perfect shoe, so this year we did it! In our workshops in Portugal, we developed our ideal cowboy boots, with the help of Nicolas, from Vitorino. This workshop is a family story. On a human scale with a taste for well-made beauty, obviously.

It takes no less than 25 artisans to make it and 120 minutes per pair to make it - a new great story of know-how!

See you on Thursday to discover and reserve Cassidy, our sublime cowboy boots designed by us, for you!

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Now let me tell you his story.

From useful to aesthetic

It comes to us from far away, from another time. In the beginning it was the shoe of the Spanish vaqueros (cattle breeders of Mexico). Their appearance makes them the perfect pair for exploring the desert and its dangers and also (above all) riding horses. Very quickly, the Cowboy Boots rose to the rank of conquistador and occupied a prominent place in the American male landscape, becoming an emblem of singularity and power. She is now the Iconic of the legendary cowboys.

Shoes and Pop Culture

After having explored and conquered the Wild West, it is pop culture's turn to take over the shoe.

Cinema and its American westerns propelled the Cowboy Boots onto the Hollywood scene with legendary figures such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Country music resonated in America in the 1950s and also democratized the use of cowboy boots. From that moment on, there was no longer any doubt about the place of this shoe. It becomes a strong emblem of American culture and its history. The symbol of conquest, of great men and great stories.

The climax, and where the strength of this shoe lies, is when the woman seizes the iconic boot to associate it with her wildest dreams. One of the first Icons to wear it with pride was the daring Marylin Monroe in 1961 and since then it has continued to be used in women's wardrobes. Cowboy boots transcend time and fashion and even make their way into the most fashionable fashion shows.

Conquering fashion

We have seen her at the forefront of the fashion scene since the 2000s and we continue to reinvent her every year and invite her back.

Ralph Lauren took inspiration from it in the 80s to create and imagine a new silhouette influenced by America. From this moment, the cowboy boot will become the embodiment of reinvented authenticity and the Iconic. More recently, cowboy boots have appeared on all the catwalks and haute couture shows and have established themselves as the essential style element, available endlessly.

Cowboy boots as an inheritance

It's the story of Spanish farmers, the conquistadors of 18th century America, the story of cinema icons, the first country singers, Calamity Jane, the last country dancers, John Wayne, fashion designers, and now, when you have it on your feet, it will also soon be yours (of history).

On Thursday !

Please note only 150 pairs are planned - create your alert!

Article by @Isaure