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The committed locker room Mister k. lives up to its name, we explain everything to you!

This is the beginning of the development of the Mister k collections. let everything begin. For each product we look for the material that will enhance the cut of the garment. It is also from this stage that we move towards certified materials or already existing stocks of materials. We also comply with all applicable regulations and of course we try to go above and beyond.

We explain to you how we proceed and what certifications we use to offer you noble materials manufactured in conditions that respect people and the environment from which they come.

  • REACH Regulation : European Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances.
It is a European regulation which has existed since 2007, it secures the manufacture and use of chemical substances in European industry and obliges companies to ban restricted substances from their offer. Thus, REACH regulated textiles guarantee not to contain prohibited substances.

This mainly concerns our printed fabric products (silk, viscose) as well as our leathers which require the use of chemicals during their manufacture.

  • Oeko Tex standard 100 :
It guarantees the absence of substances harmful to health in textiles.

This label guarantees that Mister k fabrics. that you wear are safe for your health.

  • GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard .
This label guarantees that at least 70% of the cotton used for a fabric, jersey or other, comes from organic farming. It meets both strict ecological and environmental criteria but also social criteria: it guarantees compliance with the rules in force among the people who produce these fabrics.

  • GRS: Global Recycled Standard .
This label guarantees that the fabric is made of at least 50% recycled fibers. It certifies both that the content of a product is recycled but also that environmental and social criteria are respected when weaving the material.

This particularly concerns our knits and some of our woolens.

  • FSC: Forest Stewardship Council .
It guarantees that the wood fiber used comes from legal and sustainably managed forestry.

This certification appears in particular on our viscose fabrics, viscose being obtained from vegetable cellulose such as wood, bamboo, etc.

  • BCI: Better Cotton Initiative .
It is an organization whose goal is to make cotton cultivation more sustainable, respectful of the environment and producers worldwide.

The cotton fibers which benefit from this certification therefore come from sustainable agriculture.

  • ZDHC: Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals .
It ensures that no banned chemicals are used in factories processing leather, textile materials and upholstery parts of fabrics, clothing and shoes.

You can find this certification for the leather of our bags and shoes.

  • LWG / LWG Silver: Leather Working Group .
It is an international organization which promotes best practices among tanners in terms of environment, safety and quality.

You can also find this certification for the leather of our bags and shoes.

  • OCS: Organic Content Standard .
It guarantees that the product contains 95% to 100% organic matter. It therefore checks the presence and quantity of organic matter in a finished product. It tracks the raw material from source to finished product and this process is certified by an accredited third party. It is therefore an independent, transparent, coherent and complete evaluation.

  • Cardato Recycled :
It guarantees that the fabric and threads are produced in Italy in Patro and that the fabric is made of at least 65% recycled material. This also measures the environmental impact of its entire production cycle by taking into account three aspects: the levels of water consumption, energy and CO2.

You can find this certification on some of our woolens.

We don't claim to do everything perfectly, but count on us to do better and better.