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Heading for the Agriates Desert

March is arriving slowly and on the horizon is the spring we hope for so much. For this season, we arrive in the precious Corsican setting, where the smell of herbs dried by the summer rays mixes with the sandy and arid hues of landscapes with a thousand omens.

In the fall of 2023 I pack my bags on the island of beauty, heading... where I will deploy my notebooks, my fabrics, my inspirations to create, think and dream the new spring-summer collection.

This season, I wanted to weave and invent around the idea of ​​Nature, natural colors and timeless landscapes.

So, Corsica. Like the time of memories, of the burned summer and the smiles of loved ones. As if obvious, an eternal dance.

I wanted to create a free silhouette, the one I think I am, the heir of our hopes and our desires.

Where better than in Corsica can I find this? A free territory, in the middle of the Mediterranean, a small, well-protected setting, where we like to escape. To sometimes escape and often discover the world before and the perspectives ahead.

I imagined this season in four exceptional capsules. The first is inspired by the Agriate Desert, a territory rich in stories, colors and imagination which allowed me to think and dream of this exceptional capsule, as the first capsule of the season.

Located south of Cap Corse, the Agriates desert covers an area of ​​15,000 hectares in which maki, trails and idyllic beaches are perfectly linked. The richness of this place is achieved above all in the preserved diversity of the landscapes, materials and terrain that it envelops. And in this vision of nature, I find my perception of femininity and the fashion that I love. A fashion that wonderfully mixes materials and colors without ever forcing it. An obvious fashion and above all: fair. It is these colors and smells that inspired this new collection. There, there are no outlines, everything blends together ideally. It therefore seemed obvious to me to embroider each piece of this new capsule with the mantra “ Live ”.

So, you will discover a new Ralph in sublime khaki tencel, to wear with the divine ecru-colored Hector which evokes the land over there. And then, as with any new story, I dreamed of a new exceptional blazer. The Iconic Edmond is adorned with delicate colored notes on a speckled beige fabric. But beware ! The great novelty, true freedom, we think of it especially in our new dress embroidered with perfect details: Gloria and the Mimsy double-sided blouse.


This season's silhouette is that of a woman in tune with nature and her ambitions. It features pieces made from beautiful eco-friendly fabrics and natural colors.

She's free. Of his movements, of his thoughts. Free to grab our new Spring-Summer collection.

Cirrus Minor, Pink Floyd, 1969 ( Soundtrack for the film More by Barbet Shroeder)
" In a churchyard by a river,
Lazing in the haze of midday,
Laughing in the fat and the graze.
Yellow bird, you are alone
In singing and in flying on,
In laughing and in leaving.

Willow weeping in the water,
Waving to the river daughters,
Swaying in the ripples and the reeds.
We took a trip to Cirrus Minor,
Saw a crater in the sun
A thousand miles of moonlight later."