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Perched in her adorable Parisian apartment, Jessica Troisfontaine , with a smile on her lips, testifying to her generosity and her bright laugh, welcomes us. She talks to us about her relationship with fashion, creation and her new ambitions.


Who are you ?

My name is Jessica Troisfontaine, I am the host of the podcast Resentir* . I am passionate about everything related to food and everything that happens around the table. I write for myself, I write for others and I also advise these others on their editorial strategy.

What are your projects and new horizons?

I increasingly focus my activities around food and literature, I write about food for myself, for the media and for businesses and my podcast Resentir is destined to continue with a new episode every week.

What does creation mean to you?

Until a few months ago, creation was the collections that I designed for my brand Septem. In reality, I link creation to creativity, it is an art of living. Being creative means being with life and being attentive to all the signals it sends us, to everything that touches us, to drawing and playing around it. Today, I have the impression that when I write I am creative, when I have ideas for my clients I also have the impression of creating something. I still love drawing, playing the piano, that doesn't mean that I create pieces but I have the impression that even when I read, I create worlds which then infuse into my way of living.

What is your relationship with fashion?

I have a strong relationship with fashion, to the point of having created a brand. I think that towards the end of my brand I started to distance myself more and more, even in the way I dressed, it interested me much less. Since I stopped using the brand, I've really enjoyed getting dressed in the morning again and I'm convinced: it's amazing what clothes can do. The ones we choose in the morning from our wardrobe will dress our dreams. A piece of clothing like a blazer will support us in a literal but also metaphorical sense, the colors that we choose in the morning will be in tune with our emotions and the clothes that we wear every day say a lot about what we we feel about the morning and how we want to present ourselves to the world that day.

In your opinion, what does the definition of fashion proposed by Mister k represent?

Mister k is elegance, an idea of ​​femininity that I like, both delicate and strong, these are timeless pieces that are stylish, extremely well cut jackets with the right shoulder pad that you need to stand out feel powerful but a fabric, sometimes, still a little fancy and luminous at the same time. And then, it's Charlotte.

Your definition of an iconic in your life or in fashion?

An iconic piece is the opposite of a fashionable piece. It's a piece that will become a wardrobe staple, it's the piece that will work all the time and by “all the time” I mean for all occasions and at all times ideally. I know that the blazer is an iconic piece in your home, for example, and it is the quintessential piece that has been part of women's wardrobes since the 70s with Saint Laurent and has never gone out of style since then, and rightly so. A blazer can be worn every day with a t-shirt, without anything underneath if you want to be a little sexy but with plenty of panache for an evening or with a shirt underneath for a professional meeting that is a little more demanding . It's iconic when it becomes essential and when it also shines through its simplicity.

How would you define your style?

My style is a combination of extremely classic pieces but which I require to be very well cut and in rather luxurious fabrics because luxury lasts a long time and simplicity requires, I think, a certain idea of ​​the perfection of the stitch from a manufacturing point of view. I also add some fantasy, in terms of colors and prints. I like the mix of feminine/masculine with always this idea of ​​being both very comfortable but also feeling strong.

What is your mantra?

“Power is not given to us. It is up to us to take it”.
It was Beyoncé who said that. And in English it goes like this: “ Power is not given to you. You have to take it .”


Jessica is 1m63 tall - wears size 36, she tried our capsule on reservation until Tuesday here !

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